Here are a few of the things our members are doing---


  • Learn to make beautiful art pieces
  • Meet twice monthly
  • 1:30 2nd and 4th Fridays
  • For more info call 879-6001


  • Some school children go hungry each day
  • This group provides one lunch per week to a private school in Birmingham
  • Assembly of lunches done twice monthly after worship servic

Christmas in Belize

  • A once-a-year project
  • Christmas gifts for children of More Tomorrow, Belize
  • Old-fashioned gifts best-no batteries, no electricity
  • Please buy in multiples of 12
  • Books in English are best

And more....


  • Sleeping mats for homeless
  • Made from plastic grocery bags
  • Woven or crocheted into sturdy mats
  • Provide protection from wet or cold ground


  • Each person moving into Lovelady Center must have a new pillow
  • A pillow drive is held each year in May
  • This year we delivered 60 pillows

Crestwood Day School

  • Our facilities are shared with a Christian school
  • Here is sewing class with the quilt made in Pastor Jan's Quilt Class