605 Hagood Street Birminghm, AL 35213

Welcome to Crestline Church in Birmingham!

Here are a few of the things our members are doing---


Have you always wanted to create works of art? Even if you have no training in art, you can make beautiful objects for yourself or for gifts.  

     Some projects are  more on the "arts" side, others more on the "crafts" side, but those attending always have fun and take home a homemade masterpiece.   

      ArtFriends meet every other Friday.  Call Lonnie Montgomery at 956-0798 for more information.


You may not know this,  but some school children go hungry every day because they have no food for lunch.

     A private school in Bessemer provides an extremely high quality education to its students but unfortunately some of the children have no food to bring for lunch. 

    Several of our members get together after church twice a month to assemble simple lunches for these students.   Want to help?  Call the church office and get "plugged in!"


Christmas in Belize

But maybe you don't have the time for these projects that meet twice-monthly.  How about one that only meets once a YEAR?

     Every year in October, many of our members begin bringing simple, old-fashioned gifts to be added to bags that are boxed up and taken to catch a slow boat to Central America.

     If you'd like to help, please buy an inexpensive gift in multiples of 12.  But remember--no gifts that require batteries or electricity, and nothing that is overtly American.  The Belizeans speak English, so books are a great choice!

And more....


HopeWeavers weave sleeping mats for the homeless out of something most people throw away--plastic grocery bags.  These handy bags are cut into wide strips that are tied together and woven or crocheted into sturdy mats that provide a way for those who sleep outdoors to be up off the wet ground.


Did you know that each person who moves into the Lovelady Center must have a brand new pillow?  That is the reason we are moved to hold a pillow drive each year during Mothers' Day.  This year we delivered over 60 pillows to bless the women who are being blessed at the Lovelady Center.

Crestwood Day School

Blessed to be a blessing--that's us! We're thankful  we can share our facilities with this wonderful, Christian school.  This photo is the sewing class showing off the beautiful quilt made of squares made by the children themselves in Pastor Jan's Quilt Class!