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Welcome to Crestline Church in Birmingham!

About Us

Our Roots

The Cumberland Presbyterian denomination is "middle theology"--not too conservative, not too liberal, but just right.  We teach the Bible, we love Jesus and the people He came to save.

Our faith

We believe that Jesus came to earth to take away our sins.  We believe He died on the cross.  We believe He was resurrected and lives again.  And we believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

Your involvement

We at Crestline Church in Birmingham welcome you to our worship services each Sunday morning which begin at 10:30  At 9:30  we have a lively discussion  time during our community Bible study.  I hope you'll join us for one or both!  Also, check out our "Missions" page to see how to get even more involved, or attend our women's Bible study on Tuesday evening at 6:30.

Advent Series

Journey with us to experience hope, love, joy, and peace as we move ever closer to Jesus this Christmas!   "The Star - A Journey to Christmas" helps us all understand the true meaning of Christmas.  Please join us as we take a look back through time to that very first Christmas day, so long ago.  Our sermon series begins November 26 at 10:30.

And--if you have the time--view the animated movie "The Star" in theaters beginning November 17! 


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Crestline Church

605 Hagood St, Birmingham, AL 35213

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